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Who we are

We are a Minority, Veteran Owned and Operated Non-Profit Organization

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What we do

We provide Therapy, Anger Management Services and a Re-entry Program for Ex-Offenders and their families. Our Certified Professional Life Coaches, along with Mentors and Counseling Volunteers assist in the transitioning phases they face re-entering communities around the Central Texas area. We offer classroom environments where you learn and grow to be the best you, you can be. Our staff is certified with military experience to demonstrate discipline's in all areas of life one needs towards success in every aspect of life. Ours is a mission of Love and a Ministry of Hope. The communities, families and your needs are met when you live the life you dreamed of, and we help your desired change happen through coaching, guiding and mentoring. Employers are waiting. What are you waiting for?

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Are you looking for that chance to thrive and prosper? Does having a career or job that provides for your personal and family needs appeal to you and does the idea of having people in your corner to help you achieve these goals warrant a try? Contact us for that life-changing appointment and live the life you help create for yourself today. Your Attitude is Your Altitude!

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